EZ Pass – A Blend Of Functionality And Technicality

The advent of the EZPass electronic toll systems has brought boundless relief both to the commuters as well as the authorities in easing the transportation system in the USA. The EZPass enables long distances travelers to get pass the toll booths in a jiffy, without even having to halt and display their passes, thus saving time, money and exposure to the weather and queues. On a similar note, the authorities save millions of dollars in terms of the elimination of a human work force which is expensive, in short supply, and indeed scarce, today.

This system of a prepaid EZ Pass has alleviated the complaints of the road users and is taking the Eastern American Road sector by storm after the tremendous success of the EZ Pass NY. On the strength of the success of the EZ Pass the Californians went ahead with an innovative system called FastPass with even better serviceability and many states are even known to offer special incentives for adoption of this facility. However, it is absurd to here that Maryland, basking on its success of the EZ Pass system, is intending to go in reverse gear by charging the customers an additional fee of US $1.5 to be able to use the EZ Pass.

Coming down to the technicalities of the system, Kapsch TrafficCom have engineered special RFID transponders powered by powerful batteries that in turn power the EZPass tags. Reader equipments are installed in the toll lanes and the tag devices are fixed on to the front glass of the car near the rear-view mirror, provided with easily removable strip mechanism. For older vintage cars that may not interact with the signals, external mountings may be considered. Though, one could consider using the same system for motorcycles also, it seems a bit impracticable due to absence of a large enough wind shield.

However, care should be taken to ensure that the EZPass tag is programmed for the correct vehicle, as otherwise, the corresponding reader equipments installed in the toll lanes may not correlate with the signals, and a wrong and higher amount may be charged, leading to heavy fines. In other words, merely having an EZPass tag is not sufficient. If you use and EZ Pass meant for a small car, on a large commercial vehicle, you will attract this kind of problem.