The EZ Pass is a convenient toll collection technology that has been introduced in a number of states along the East Coast and Virginia too. It is an easy way to avoid traffic congestion at toll plazas. You do not have to deposit tokens or coins as was done in the past. There is no more wasting of time at the toll gates as 200 – 300 vehicles can be processed per lane thus reducing pollution and fuel consumption.

By having an EZPass prepaid toll account you get an electronic tag which has all your account details fed into it. The moment you pass a tollgate the receiver antenna installed there will automatically deduct the toll fee from your account. It is so simple and convenient to recharge as EZ Pass is even available across the counter in supermarkets.

The EZ Pass electronic tag or transponder is very easy to install. It is stuck using hook and lock strips behind the rear view mirror on the windshield of a car. Some motorcyclists even hold it in the hand towards the reader equipment for ease of communication. Tags differ according to the type of vehicle as the toll amounts for lower end vehicles is less than for higher end vehicles like trucks or buses. Violation or wrong usages are automatically levied a fine.

The EZ Pass NY is a similar service extended to vehicles that use each and every bridge or tunnel that leads you out of Manhattan to the many boroughs in the suburbs and to New Jersey. Though peak hour rates offer some discounts too, off peak hour rates are very good and are offered even on certain holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc.

The EZ Pass has been made interoperable between various agencies so that all processes are networked and information shared amongst themselves about toll transactions and violations.