EZ pass is a method that is used for collecting toll from people.  It is claimed that this method makes traveling more easy. The travelers and the commuters can save money through the discounts that are offered.  The discounts are available in several plans.

With some EZpass establishments, the customers are naturally entitled for a discount once they use a highway or a lane in a highway that employs the EZ pass system for toll collection. In other cases, the EZ pass discount depends on a number of factors. These are how many people use the vehicle in question, how many trips does the vehicle make on a particular day and at what time are the trips made and so forth. 

With EZ pass you can forget about those days in which you had to shell out coins and bank notes for paying the toll. Thanks to the EZpass system, the coins and related paraphernalia can be eliminated completely. In the system, the drivers pay an amount beforehand.  This money goes in to an account. To indicate that they have paid the amount a small electronic gadget is attached to the vehicle concerned. 

This device transfers the information whenever a person uses an EZ pass lane. When the commuters use a lane that employs the EZ pass system, the money is deducted from the account and the customers do not have to pay when they use the lane as they have already made the payment. Also in cities that are heavily congested due to traffic problems EZ pass NY can help to reduce the traffic. EZ pass NY is an example.  A traveler can use his/her EZ pass facility in those lanes which bear the symbol that denotes EZ pass. Get an account for yourself and start traveling without bothering about the change to pay the toll!