To make the drive easy and smooth, a long swathe of road along the East Coast has introduced the EZPass. It is an electronic toll collection system which automatically deducts the toll from an account holder. This facilitates the efficient and quick movement of traffic throughout much of the East Coast and Virginia.

The EZ Pass is valid in many other states like New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. All the EZ Pass user has to do is pass through the lanes that have been ear marked for EZ Pass users. A motorist or car driver has to install the transponder that is given by EZ Pass on the license plate or the inside of the windshield. As they pass the toll gate the amount is directly deducted from their pre paid account. So the problem of keeping exact change is avoided.

The benefits are many: - waiting periods at toll booths are drastically reduced

-    No need for searching for loose change
-    EZPass is very easy to install
-    Toll facilities offer discounts to users
-    Fuel consumption is reduced as traffic is moving faster and so is pollution reduced.
-    Eases traffic congestion to a large extent
-    Is available at many supermarkets across the counter so easily accessible
The EZ Pass NY gives you discounts at various bridges and tunnels that connect Manhattan to the outer boroughs and to New Jersey. Driving around in Manhattan can be an anxiety provoking time for most people who visit from outside of NY. So on getting to the bridges and tunnels as you leave NY it is best to have an EZ Pass. Your exit once it is mapped out correctly and planned will make it less of an ordeal. The EZ Pass NY also has off-peak hour rates on some of the bridges and tunnels.