Managing your EZ Pass Account In Accordance With Set Rules

In addition to the toll charges incurred at the various toll booths, your EZ Pass NY account will also be debited with administrative charges. The concerned collection agency has the right to suspend your EZPass anytime you make violations in the outstanding amounts or even on nonpayment of the above said administrative charges.

The EZ Pass application form requires that you mention your vehicle(S) name. In case you use the pass for any other vehicle, you’ll be liable to an administrative charge of $50 or you will be asked to return your EZPass tag to the concerned authorities and continued violations like this might even lead to permanent revocation of your account.

You, of course have the right to notify the EZ Pass Customer Service Center of any wrong charge of toll, fees etc made to your account, provided you do so in a period of 180 days from such errors occurring. Make sure that you notify the agency immediately on loss, theft of your EZPass, so that you will not be held liable for any subsequent illegal use of it. For replacement, however, the agency will charge you a nominal fee of $23 for internal tags and $33 for external ones. But in case of replacing non operational tags, for reasons other than misuse, no fees will be collected.

Termination of EZPass may be made at anytime on providing a written request to the agency and returning the tag which is their rightful property. Any outstanding expenses will be debited from your account and balance will be sent to you by cheque or credited to your credit card based on your initial payment option.

Any change in the information provided on your application form should be notified immediately, like changes in address, vehicle, credit card account status, payment methods etc.